Panzer Dragoon Revival

The petition for a remastered version of the classic Panzer Dragoon games

Latest Signatures

1498. Noel H. - Monday, October 10, 2016
I have always enjoyed the challenges that this franchise had. The freedom that you had to move around instead of just up, down, left or right meant you had enemies coming at you from all sides and angles.
1497. Henry C. - Sunday, October 9, 2016
Please Sega, Port all the Panzer Dragoon games to the new game consoles!!!!!
1496. Abraham C. - Wednesday, October 5, 2016
1495. Márcio P. - Friday, September 30, 2016
Panzer Dragoon Saga, my number 1 game. The Panzer Dragoon series deserves to be back.
1494. john a. - Friday, September 30, 2016
1493. Dave N. - Sunday, September 25, 2016
PDO was one of the best games on xbox and it deserves an uprez and rework. Please release it on steam for all the Panzer fans!
1492. 晃 飯. - Sunday, September 25, 2016
1491. Joseph B. - Saturday, September 24, 2016
1490. Caio R. - Thursday, September 22, 2016
Panzer Dragoon is a magic series that don't reserve to be dead for so long. Please, bring at least a HD remaster for Panzer Dragoon Orta. We beg you.
1489. michael w. - Saturday, September 17, 2016
This set of games is amazing having more than one of them myself. I think truly great games are very rare and should not be lost to players. It's one set of games not ruined by pop culture and should not go as a mystery to most players.